How to Make money from Internet


“Is it possible make money from online?”  I know You heard this question in several blogs and websites, why even your friends can also ask this question to you. If you didn’t got the answer, then this article will help you to earn online.


You can ask me, have you earned before from online jobs? Yes, am i. Making money from the internet is quite difficult for beginners. I’m going to suggest few ways to make money from the internet.

1. Adsense

Did you heard about AdSense? If not I will explain shorter.  Adsense is a Monetization program which runs by Internet giant GoogleHow can I Make money from this Adsense program?” The answer very simple, place the advertisement code on your website or in your blog which is provided by AdSense. That’s it, you will start making. If don’t know how to create a blog? click the below link to create a blog or website.

>> How to create a WordPress blog?

2. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are the one where you will sell the products through from your website or from your blog. The requirement is “huge traffic” to your website or blog. The Visitor will buy a product through the affiliated link. You can see the report on the affiliate program sites. I will suggest some affiliate programs where you can make huge money. Signup on the below link.



3. Freelancer

Freelancing or Freelance is normally known as Self-employed. You can choose what you will be going to work on it. For example, if you are good in content writing. Then you can bid any of the content writing work and the requester will hire you. Some of the famous freelancer sites are,



4. Paid To Click (PTC)

Paid to Click (PTC) is a simple job, you just have to view the websites for few seconds and start to make money. These kinds of website will provide 10-15 ads per day so that you will earn up to 0.01$ per day. There are few websites are legit and genuine. Click on the below link to know signup and start making money.

Start Earning 

5. YouTube

YouTube, a well-known online video streaming website for everyone. I wrote about Adsense at the top. If you want to get approval instantly for Adsense, then YouTube is a place. I will write an another post in future to “How to get Adsense approval for your website or blog?“. Now, Go to youtube, login into your Gmail account >> upload any video >> Enable Monetization. See the below video to how to upload a video on youtube.



The Internet is growing day by day. You can’t survive without the internet. You make use of internet in several ways. If you have patience, you can make money through the internet. Affiliates are the best way to make money.


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