How To Create A Blog

First of all, you want to know why we need a blog? What I will do with this blog? Can I earn from the blog? Can individual will create a blog? Any special skills are required for blogging? like this so many questions are striking into your mind. Here the post to know why we need a blog and I will show you how to create a  blog by yourself.

How to create a blog

Why we need a blog?

  • If you have an organization you need a blog to post your product updates.
  • Passion like blogging.
  • Highlight your profile.
  • Show your talent to the world through Blog.
  • To earn money.

Why I created a blog?“. The answer is simple I want to share what are the things I know and what I learned from my experience. I struggled a lot from beginning like finding a platform, how to work with that, what are the essential need of the blog and much more. Here I will show how to create a blog with Google Blogger and WordPress.

How to create a blog?

The most commonly used platform for creating Blog are WordPress and Google Blogger. Creating a blog is simple, easy and totally free for both Google Blogger and WordPress. Now I will show you how to create a blog in Google blogger because it is too easy we don’t need any hosting service for blogger. Later I will explain “How to create a blog using WordPress?” in my next post.

How to create a blog using Google Blogger?

I will give you the instructions  how to create a blog in Google blogger.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login with your Gmail credentials.

Step 3: The Pop-up will ask you Title, Address, and Template.

The title is your blog name which will visible for search engines and for your followers.

The address is your blog URL which is located on the web and you can modify the URL after the creation of Blog.

Template is a file which is used to show your blog design.

That’s it your blog is created.

Now it will redirect to your blog dashboard. Initially, it is in overview tab here you can able to see the page view i.e., how many people visiting your blog. We will move to Layout tab, here you can add your widgets like featured HTML code, search bar, etc. It will visible in your blog sidebar and you can also add a favicon (icon which is in a browser tab).

Template tab is used to change your blog template. By changing the template the layout will also change. It will show both Desktop and mobile view of the blog. There is some inbuilt template you will use that too and you can also download the templates from third-party sites. After downloading you have to upload the template so that you will see the Backup/Restore at the right corner of that page. Choose your template file and then upload it.

Settings are used to change the blog settings. The sub menu is very useful in Blogspot. The basic setting is used to change your blog title, meta description, privacy etc. Do you want to add third-party URL you can add here?

How to add third party URL?

In Posts, comments, and sharing settings is used to make modification in your blog spot ex. how many post do you want to show on your blog homepage etc, Similarly, every submenu is essential to the blogger.

Earning tab is to activate your AdSense account. Adsense is used to show advertisement on your blog, before applying Adsense please read the terms and policies here.

Page tab will show you “How many pages are added on your blog?”. Post tab will show the number of post in your blog. That’s it if have any question in blogging comment below.

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