How to add custom URL in blogspot

Boring to see you want to add custom URL to Blogspot blog?. Here the post to add custom URL to your blog. In my last post, I explained how to create a blog in Google Blogspot. I hope you all created a blog. If not create it from Blogger.

How to add custom URL in blogspot

What is Domain Name? My simple answer is a name which is unique to your blog or website. UpdateCounter is my blog, the domain is ( If you are ready to purchase paid domain I have mentioned some of the sellers below.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Bluehost
  3. Namecheap
  4. BigRock
  5. Dreamhost

If you search in google you can able to find many sellers. Suppose you can’t able to buy premium domain here the free domain website. They will provide you with the domain for free. This is my one of the favorite free domain website. Now, check the availability of your domain name. Select the domain and sign up with the site.

How to add Url ?

Let us start with the step by step instruction.

Step 1: Go to Blogger website and sign in to blog dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to Setting > Basic > Publishing.

How to add custom url

In the above image, I have marked “Set up the third party URL to your blog”. Click on that.

Step 3: Now the pop-up will show with the text field. Now enter your domain with the extension “www” The DNS will be generated.

How to add custom url

Step 4: Now go to your Domain admin panel. Find manage DNS. In the Name field add the Cname, shown in step3. In Targe field add target shown in step3. That’s it wait for 24 hours now your blog will be in custom URL.

how to add custom url


If you are using free domain website. Then you have to add four more fields. The name tab will be empty, in target tab add this four IP in each field.


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